guix Snapshot
  • Written completely in ANSI C
  • Small-footprint (as small as 6 KB, with automatic scaling)
  • Fully integrated with ThreadX and completely thread-safe
  • Support for multiple screens with varying sizes and color formats
  • Supports monochrome through 32-bit true-color with alpha graphics formats
  • Support for hardware assisted graphics acceleration and multiple hardware graphics layers
  • Integrated support for touch screen and gesture inputs
  • Completely customizable appearance and multilingual support
  • Fast execution (optimized clipping, drawing, and event handling)
  • Supports many popular processors and displays
  • Comprehensive set of built-in widgets and controls to speed development
  • GUIX Studio – Desktop WYSIWYG user interface design tool for PC
  • Full Source Code
  • Royalty-Free
GUIX Architecture Support
  • ARM
    • ARM7, ARM9, ARM11
    • Cortex-M, Cortex-R, Cortex-A
    • Cortex-Axx 64-bit
  • AndesCore
  • Analog Devices
    • Blackfin BF5xx, BF6xx, BF7xx
    • SHARC
  • Cadence
    • Xtensa
    • Diamond
  • CEVA
    • TeakLite-III
  • EnSilica
    • eSi-RISC
  • NXP
    • ARM (LPC, i.MX, Kinetis)
    • 68K
    • Coldfire
    • PowerPC
  • Imagination
    • MIPS32 4Kx, 24Kx, 34Kx, 1004K
    • microAptiv, interAptiv, proAptiv
    • M-Class
  • Intel
    • ARM (Cyclone)
    • NIOSII
    • x86PM
  • Microchip
    • ARM (SAM)
    • AVR32
    • PIC24
    • PIC32
  • Renesas
    • ARM (Synergy, RZ)
    • H8/300H
    • RX
    • SH
    • V850
  • Silicon Labs
    • EMF32
  • ST
    • STM32
  • Synopsis
    • ARC 600, 700
    • ARC EM, ARC HS
  • Texas Instruments
    • ARM (Tiva-C, Sitara, OMAP
    • C5xx
    • C6xx
  • Xilinx
    • ARM (Zynq)
    • MicroBlaze
    • PowerPC


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GUIX is Express Logic’s high-performance graphical user interface framework. GUIX includes a full-featured runtime UI library and a matching desktop design application named GUIX Studio. GUIX is fully integrated with ThreadX and is available for many processors supported by ThreadX. Like ThreadX, GUIX is designed to have a small footprint and high-performance,making it ideal for today’s deeply embedded applications. Designed to meet the growing need for dynamic user interfaces with limited hardware resources, GUIX uses the same design and coding methods as ThreadX. And like all Express Logic products, GUIX is distributed with full ANSI C source code, and has no run-time royalties.

Download a Free Trial of GUIX for Your Target Board!

Small Footprint

GUIX is implemented as a C library. Only the features used by the application are brought into the final image. The minimal footprint of GUIX is as small as 6KB onmost processors.

Fast Response

GUIX has minimal function call layering, and optimized clipping, drawing, and event handling. All of these attributes make GUIX extremely fast!

Easy To Use

GUIX is very easy to use. The GUIX API is both intuitive and highly functional, In addition, the service names are made of real words and not the “alphabet soup” names that are common to other user interface products. Building a GUIX application is also easy. Simply include the gx_api.h file in the application software and link the application objects with the GUIX library.

Easy PC Prototyping and Development - FREE PC Examples

GUIX runs on a Windows PC, using exactly the same drawing library that runs on the target board. With GUIX, you can build and run a GUI application on the PC, and use the same application code on your target for debugging, rapid prototyping, demonstration, and WYSIWYG target operation.

Free GUIX PC examples for Medical, Smartwatch, Sprite, Thermometer, Transitions, and Weather applications can be downloaded HERE, and can be run on your PC!

Easy to Integrate

GUIX is easily integrated with virtually any display technology. In addition, Express Logic offers engineering services to create custom display drivers for GUIX.

No Mysteries

GUIX is delivered with complete C source codeso you can see exactly how it operates. If you are used to in-house user interface products or had bad experiences with “black box” commercial products, this should be most comforting.

Create Elegant User Interfaces

GUIX provides all the features necessary to create the most elegant user interfaces. The standard GUIX package includes various sample user interfaces, including the medical device example shown below:


Product Highlights

  • Designed for use in fail-safe, safety critical applications.
  • Responsive technical support with complete technical training sessions available
  • Unlimited GUIX objects (screens, windows, widgets)
  • Dynamic GUIX object creation/deletion
  • Support for alpha blending and anti-aliasing at higher color depths
  • Complete windowing support, including viewports and Z-order maintenance
  • Support for multiple canvases and physical displays, window blending and fading, screen transitions, sprites, and dynamic animations
  • Touchscreen and virtual keyboard support
  • Multi-lingual support utilizing UTF8 string encoding
  • Flexible memory usage
  • Size scales automatically
  • Small footprint (as low as 6 KBytes) instruction area size: 6-40K
  • Complete integration with ThreadX
  • Endian neutral
  • Easy-to-implement GUIX display drivers

  • GUIX Studio

    GUIX Studio provides a complete WYSIWYG screen design environment which allows the user to drag-and-drop graphical elements used to build the UI screens. GUIX Studio automatically generates C code compatible with the GUIX library, ready to be compiled and run on the target. Developers can produce pre-rendered fonts for use with within an application using the integrated GUIX Studio font generation tool. Fonts can be generated in monochrome or anti-aliased formats, and are optimized to save space on the target. Fonts can include any set of characters, including Unicode characters for multi-lingual applications.


    Download a Free Trial of GUIX Studio!

    GUIX Studio facilitates the import of graphics from PNG or JPG files with conversion to compressed GUIX Pixelmaps for use on the target system. Many of the GUIX widget types are designed to incorporate user graphics for a custom look and feel. In addition, GUIX Studio allows customization of the default colors and drawing styles used by the GUIX widgets, allowing developers to tune the appearance of GUIX very easily. Generation and maintenance of application strings is another built-in facility of GUIX Studio. This enables developers to design an application using one language today, and quickly and easily add support for additional languages after the product is released. A complete GUIX UI application can be executed on a PC desktop within the GUIX Studio environment, allowing a quick and easy generation and demonstration of UI concepts, testing of screen flows, and observation of screen transitions and animations. When completed, a design can be exported as target-ready C data structures, ready to be compiled and linked with the GUIX and ThreadX libraries.

    GUIX and GUIX Studio support multiple resource themes, allowing an application to be easily reskinned at run-time. Fonts, colors, and pixelmaps can be changed at run-time with one simple API.