Total product quality, reliability and ease of use are our top priorities. Because of this, you probably won't need much technical support. In the event that you do, the fastest path to our support engineers is by e-mail at the following address:


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When sending support e-mail, it is important to supply us the "Version ID String" of the product you are using. Be sure to copy the entire string, which includes valuable information on the tools for which your version was produced. The following table shows how to find the Version ID String:

EL Product Global String Variable Defined In
ThreadX _tx_version_id tx_port.h
NetX _nx_version_id nx_port.h
FileX _fx_version_id fx_port.h
USBX _ux_version_id ux_port.h
GUIX _gx_version_id gx_port.h

Latest Product Versions

The latest Express Logic product versions are listed below. Note this version information is only for the generic portion of the specified product.

Product Latest Version Current Service Pack
ThreadX G5.7.5.x SP1
ThreadX SMP G5.7.2.5.x N/A
NetX G5.10.5.x  N/A
NetX Duo G5.10.5.x  N/A
FileX G5.5.5.x N/A
USBX G5.8.5.x N/A
GUIX G5.3.3.x N/A
GUIX Studio N/A
TraceX 5.2.0 N/A

For StackX and TraceX, the version number is in the upper left corner of the GUI.

Your Questions Answered

Most of your technical support questions will be answered immediately. Those that require a little more time will be answered as fast as possible. Our support engineers also make it a practice to follow-up on all product support issues. This is how we help guarantee your continued satisfaction.

Engineering Services

Custom engineering services are available on a contract basis. If your development is on a very tight schedule or if you need expert assistance, our expert engineering staff would be glad to help!

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