Training Benefits

Although ThreadX is an easy-to-use RTOS, this training course provides an ideal way to accelerate the learning process and to obtain valuable experience in applying ThreadX to the design and implementation of your embedded application.

As a result of taking this training course, attendees will acquire an in-depth knowledge of ThreadX, and will attain a focused approach to embedded systems development. This will improve productivity and significantly reduce the time-to-market for your development project.

The hands-on component of the training course is designed to reinforce and explore ThreadX and RTOS concepts. This approach encourages attendees to become active participants by engaging them in the learning process. It also enhances retention and understanding.

This training course will provide attendees to get up to speed quickly and significantly enhance the prospects of success for your project. Training will also help you to optimize your investment in the premier RTOS for deeply embedded systems.

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