Advanced IoT Platform

Express Logic Solutions is the state-of-the-art embedded, full-featured IoT solution, including various unique technologies not available with any other solution.

Complete Solution

Express Logic Solutions is the most comprehensive, complete solution for deeply IoT embedded applications, including THREADX Embedded RTOS, FILEX Embedded FAT File System, GUIX Embedded GUI, NETX Embedded TCP/IP (IPv4), NETX DUO Embedded TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6), and USBX Embedded USB.


Unique to THREADX and subject to extensive academic research, preemption-threshold scheduling helps make embedded systems more responsive in qualified critical sections, reduces context-switching overhead, and helps guarantee schedulability.

Event Chaining™

Unique to THREADX, event chaining provides the ability to coordinate the processing of multiple objects with less threads. This eliminates unnecessary processing cycles by eliminating context switches as well as saves memory.

Memory Protection

The THREADX MODULES technology offers memory protection via MPU or MMU to limit the access of embedded IoT application software only to it’s predefined memory area, isolating it from the core application codes as well as other application modules.

ARM TrustZone™ Support

THREADX fully supports ARMv8M TrustZone, which has built-in facilities for isolating non-secure embedded code and data from the embedded secure code and data.

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