Easy to Use IoT Solutions

Express Logic Solutions is foremost designed for ease-of-use – from the intuitive APIs to the industry’s best documentation through the most complete solution and vast processor support. All of this makes your like easier and greatly improves your embedded IoT development and resulting time-to-market.

Complete Solution

Express Logic Solutions is the most comprehensive, complete solution for deeply embedded IoT applications, including THREADX, FILEX, GUIX, NETX, NETX DUO, and USBX.

Easiest API

Express Logic Solutions benefits from the most consistent, easy-to-use API in the embedded IoT industry.

Same Look-and-Feel

Since all solutions are proprietary and written from scratch, Express Logic Solutions all share the same look-and-feel. In addition, the source code and documentation are best-of-class in the embedded IoT industry.

Full Source and Automatic Scaling

Express Logic Solutions are licensed with full source code and are implemented as a loosely coupled C library that automatically configures based on only what is being used by the embedded IoT application.

Time-to-Market Leader

The Express Logic Solutions THREADX RTOS has been the time-to-market leader in the Embedded Market Forecaster’s annual survey of the embedded industry for the last 10 consecutive years. In addition, this same survey shows that applications that use THREADX achieve their design goals more than any other RTOS.

Easily Migrate To New Hardware

Because of its straightforward design, THREADX support is available for virtually every popular processor and development tool. This, coupled with the fact that THREADX insulates your embedded IoT application from details of the underlying processor, makes your THREADX-based application highly portable. As a result, your embedded IoT application’s migration path is guaranteed, and your original development investment is protected.

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