Maximum Performance

Express Logic Solutions are designed for speed and is considered the highest performance set of solutions in the embedded IoT industry. Having such performance enables embedded IoT applications to address new demanding requirements with much less computing power (and battery) than is typically required.

Sub-Microsecond Context Switch and Fast APIs!

THREADX boasts as sub-microsecond context switch time as well as sub-microsecond API calls.


FILEX provides a logical sector cache as well as a FAT entry cache. The size of both are under direct control of the embedded IoT application. In addition, FILEX provides contiguous cluster allocate and direct consecutive cluster reading and writing for maximum performance.

GUIX Outperforms

GUIX outperforms all major GUI solution providers in semiconductor internal benchmarks.

Near Wire Speed Performance

Both NETX and NETX Duo offer zero-copy networking and achieve near wire speed performance while requiring only a small fraction of the processor.

This single SPE, we operated the protocol stack NETX, developed for embedded applications, and the microkernel THREADX required for its operation. Both were manufactured by Express Logic.

As a result, we achieved a TCP performance of 8.5 Gbps for 3-KB packet sizes using a single SPE operating at 3.2 GHz.

This result indicates a competitive network protocol processing performance, considering that we employed a processor designed for a variety of computational applications rather than a dedicated network processor, and demonstrates the potential of the application of SPEs in this field.

Network Processing on an SPE Core in Cell Broadband Engineā„¢,
Sony Corporation, 16th IEEE Symposium on High Performance Interconnects.

NETX Secure TLS/DTLS & IPsec

NetX Secure and IPsec leverage hardware crypto engines for higher performance whenever possible. However, when hardware crypto support is not possible, NetX Secure software cryptos are highly optimized. For example, RSA processing with a 2048-bit key size running on a STM32F217 (120MHz, STM32F3221G-EVAL) takes a mere 1.04 seconds with our highly optimized software crypto library.

USBX Is Designed For Speed

USBX is designed for speed via a non-layered architecture and leverages hardware DMA whenever possible.

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