Industrial Grade


Made for Security

Embedded Security | Industrial Grade Secure RTOS SolutionsX-WARE IoT PLATFORM is designed from the ground up for use in applications that need high security, including having no external access points that are not under direct control of the application. Additional security measures include proprietary implementations of network security technologies such as IPsec, TLS, and DTLS. At an architecture level, memory protection/isolation is available to help protect sensitive information.

No Open Source

X-WARE IoT PLATFORM contains no open source. All of X-WARE IoT PLATFORM is proprietary Express Logic software free from all legal, indemnification or licensing issues.

Memory Protection

The THREADX MODULES technology offers memory protection via MPU or MMU to limit the access of application software only to it’s predefined memory area, isolating it from the core application code as well as other application modules.

ARM TrustZone™ Support

THREADX fully supports ARMv8M TrustZone, which has built-in facilities for isolating non-secure code and data from the secure code and data.


NETX DUO IPsec offers IP-layer security using the latest protocols and cypher suites.


NETX SECURE for NETX DUO offers the latest TLS and DTLS socket-layer security using the latest protocols and cypher suites.

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