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Allegro RomPager Intro Available Free for NETX Users

SAN DIEGO, CA and BOXBOROUGH, MA (September 21, 2010)

Today, at the embedded industry’s gathering of designers, technologists, business leaders, and suppliers in Boston, MA, Allegro and Express Logic announced a partnership that bundles a free version of Allegro’s popular RomPager® web server technology, RomPager Intro, with Express Logic’s NETX high performance TCP/IP stack. RomPager Intro is an entry-level Web server and is fully integrated with Express Logic’s THREADX® operating system and NETX stack. Allegro, a leader in embedded Internet connectivity and UPnP™/ DLNA® technology, offers field proven networking software shipping in 75+ million devices around the world. Leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, automotive and aircraft worldwide all rely on Allegro technology to deliver advanced and robust networking connectivity every day.

RomPager Intro

Connectivity is fueling unprecedented advances to embedded systems employed in markets worldwide. Devices are increasingly enabled with networking capabilities to offer levels of functionality, serviceability and usability once reserved for high-end manufacturers. In today’s high tech environments, remote management, configuration and extended support are commonly performed with deployed devices specifically enabled through connectivity. Allegro’s RomPager Intro is an entry-level embedded Web server ideal for getting familiar with the concepts of device connectivity, management and remote configuration. RomPager Intro is a member of a larger suite of Allegro embedded networking technology currently deployed in 75+ million units worldwide. For those with more sophisticated networking requirements, Allegro offers a full line of embedded networking software development toolkits to support advanced embedded networking such as: Network Security (SSH, SSL/TLS, DTLS, RADIUS), Connected Consumer Media devices (UPnP/DLNA toolkits, DTCP-IP, WMDRM), Machine-to-Machine communications (HTTP Client, XML, SOAP) and Device Management (Advanced HTTP servers, CLI, Telnet).

“Since founding Allegro in 1996, we have focused on delivering robust networking technology to the embedded systems marketplace” says Bob Van Andel, CEO and President of Allegro. “RomPager Intro is ideal for developers looking to explore the use of networking connectivity in a product design without the headaches of building a robust web server from scratch or trying to port open source to an embedded environment”.

“We are excited to offer Allegro’s RomPager technology bundled with our high performance NETX TCP/IP protocol stack at no additional charge” says John Carbone, Vice President of Marketing at Express Logic. “Allegro’s integration with NETX not only provides our customers with access to an entry level Web server at no charge, but additionally provides an integration with the entire Allegro product suite of networking protocols”.

Pricing and Availability

Allegro’s RomPager Intro is available today through Express Logic at no charge for NETX Licensees.

About Allegro

Allegro Software Development Corporation is a premier provider of embedded Internet solutions with an emphasis on device management technologies, network security, UPnP and DLNA networking technologies. Since 1996, Allegro has been a force in the evolution of device management solutions with its RomPager embedded web server toolkit. Also an active contributor to UPnP and DLNA initiatives, Allegro supplies a range of UPnP and DLNA toolkits that offer portability, easy integration and full compliance with the latest interoperability specifications. Allegro is headquartered in Boxborough, MA.

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