Express Logic’s ThreadX® RTOS Outshines Competition in 2012 Embedded Developer Survey

ThreadX outperformed other RTOSes in project success and on-time completion

(April 30, 2012)

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that Express Logic’s ThreadX® RTOS ranked above competitive RTOSes in percentage of projects completed on time or ahead of schedule, according to data from the 2012 Embedded Market Forecasters’ (EMF) survey of embedded developers. The survey showed that nearly 80% of ThreadX-based projects were completed on or ahead of schedule, a result far better than the average of 63% for all other RTOSes. With typical development teams of four to six members, such delays can result in up to $50,000 for each month of delay. These time-to-market results represent significant ROI advantages for application developers who use ThreadX.

Dr. Jerry Krasner, Ph.D, MBA, founder and chief analyst of Embedded Market Forecasters, comments: “In our 2012 analysis of RTOS developers, Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS completed 77.8% of its projects on or ahead of schedule while all other RTOS vendors averaged 63.1% and embedded Linux vendors averaged 61.8%, giving ThreadX a more than 15% higher ranking in time to market.” Dr. Krasner goes on to point out, “What is of even greater interest in looking at this data is that ThreadX has achieved the best ‘on or ahead of schedule’ results for six years running.”

“We designed ThreadX to be easy to use, and the EMF survey data shows that this design choice has helped developers succeed in bringing products to market faster,” commented William E. Lamie, President of Express Logic. “Developers who choose an RTOS based solely on its cost are making a big mistake. Even a free RTOS becomes more expensive if it slows down development compared to an alternate solution. Year after year, the EMF survey clearly shows that all RTOSes are not the same, and that ThreadX delivers better results that save money.”

Embedded Market Forecasters’ 2012 annual survey gathered recent project data from over 600 embedded systems developers. Questions such as whether projects were completed ahead of schedule, on schedule, or behind schedule and whether completed products achieved design expectations in functionality and performance are correlated with the RTOS used for the project. In all these categories, Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS outperformed other RTOSes, making its projects more likely to achieve product design expectations and to be completed on time or ahead of schedule.

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