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Express Logic and Cypherbridge® Systems Team to Deliver Network Security Applications

Boston, MA, Embedded Systems Conference (September 20, 2010)

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced the integration of the µSSL™ Security Stack from Cypherbridge® Systems. µSSL implements a standards-based solution to achieve chip-to-chip and chip-to-server interoperabilty across wired and wireless networks. Integrated with Express Logic’s NETX DUO™ TCP/IP stack for IPv4/IPv6 operation, µSSL offers users of Express Logic’s THREADX® RTOS an ideal solution for security-critical networked systems.

µSSL brings secure connectivity to a wide variety of industrial, point-of-sale, instrumentation and metering, machine-to-machine, and standalone systems where a small-footprint, standards-based solution is required. Supported on CM3, ARM, MSP430 platforms, µSSL includes a crypto layer, interoperable SSL/TLS, network interface layer, and micro content server. Cypherbridge’s launch of the complete µSSL product family—its embedded SSL, SSH, as well as the mLoad™ secure bootloader, installer and distribution server—brings a full complement of security capabilities to embedded applications.

“Working with Express Logic, the RTOS industry leader, gives us worldwide reach for our product family,” commented Steve DeLaney, President of Cypherbridge Systems. “Our solutions address the challenges developers face integrating robust security in small to medium memory models where careful optimization is key. Express Logic is the perfect match for our security stacks in resource-constrained platforms. µSSL™ extends our security product lineup targeted to a range of embedded price-performance points, including mSSH™ secure shell and tunneling, mLoad™ secure boot loader and installer, and the breakthrough pico-server for HTML and M2M XML applications.”

“The addition of the Cypherbridge® µSSL™ security stack enhances our ability to offer secure networking to our THREADX® users,” said William E. Lamie, President of Express Logic. “Today, more and more of our THREADX clients require networking, and within that group, the need for secure network communications is growing. We’re pleased our partnership with Cypherbridge will help our customers achieve the network security they need.”

NETX DUO, Express Logic’s high-performance IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack TCP/IP product, is fully integrated with THREADX and available for all supported processors. Designed with a unique Piconet™ architecture, NETX DUO stacks offer a zero-copy API that makes it a perfect fit for today’s deeply embedded networked applications. With the addition of the Cypherbridge µSSL security stack, NETX DUO offers a more complete solution for networked applications requiring high security.

Shipping and Availability

µSSL is available from Cypherbridge Systems at license prices starting at $8,000. For further information, please contact Cypherbridge at 1-760-814-1575 or sales@cypherbridge.com.

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