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Express Logic Enhances RZ Express Promotion with Comprehensive Demo Package for Renesas RSK

San Diego, CA (August 11, 2014)

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOSes), today introduced a comprehensive suite of example projects and demos designed to give developers a quick start with projects based on the Renesas RZ/A1 Starter Kit Board (RSK). The example projects—13 in all—cover each Express Logic product individually and include multifunction examples that illustrate how to use several products together. In addition to helping developers gain familiarity with Express Logic X-WARE™ products, the demos help teams rapidly develop proof-of-concept designs, reducing time to market. The demo workspace, containing all 13 example projects, can be downloaded from Express Logic’s RZ/A1 Download Center.

The example projects can be downloaded for free and used without a time limit so that developers can evaluate the RZ/A1 as well as Express Logic’s X-WARE, which includes THREADX®, NETX™, NETX DUE, USBX™, FILEX®, GUIX™, GUIX STUDIO™, and TRACEX®. As well, developers taking advantage of the currently running Renesas RZ Express program gain access to fully functional, permanent, royalty-free production licenses for all Express Logic X-WARE products referenced in the demos.

“This comprehensive suite of X-WARE–based RSK projects offers developers a wealth of out-of-the-box examples that makes getting started much easier,” commented William E. Lamie, president of Express Logic. “Much of the far-reaching appeal of our X-WARE products stems from the fact that they enable development teams to consistently get to market faster. With these examples in hand, developers gain insight into all aspects of real-time system development and gain an even better edge by choosing Express Logic products.”

“Today’s development teams need a fully integrated software and hardware solution for the successful execution of increasingly complex embedded-system designs,” said Ritesh Tyagi, vice president of marketing for Renesas Electronics America. “The comprehensive line-up of Express Logic demos and example projects helps designers quickly and effectively build powerful and differentiated solutions for applications that range from human-machine interface to building automation, medical, and even the Internet of Things. What’s more, under the RZ Express program, developers can receive thousands of dollars’ worth of highly integrated, high-quality, production-ready software that they would otherwise have to purchase for their development.”

The free demo suite features a mixture of capabilities that speed RZ/A1 design:


Standard THREADX Demo—uses Express Logic’s standard 8-thread RTOS kernel to illustrate the use of all THREADX services, including threads, message queues, timers, semaphores, byte memory pools, block memory pools, event flag groups, and mutexes.

DevCon Extension (DEX) 4-thread Demo—served as the basis for the Renesas DevCon Extension Track II class, “Getting Started With THREADX,” and shows a 4-thread system that illustrates the use of threads, message queues, and both preemptive and round-robin scheduling.

NETX Demos (IPv4)

Simple Ping Demo—demonstrates the setup and use of Express Logic’s NETX IPv4 TCP/IP stack via ping from a connected system.

NETX Iperf Throughput Demo—measures TCP and UDP network throughput is measured using Express Logic’s NETX DUE IPv4/IPv6 dual-TCP/IP stack and the industry-standard Iperf network throughput benchmark.

NETX DUE Demos (IPv6)

Simple Ping Demo—illustrates the setup and use of Express Logic’s NETX DUE IPv4/IPv6 dual-TCP/IP stack via ping from a connected system.

NETX DUE Iperf Throughput Demo—shows how TCP and UDP network throughput can be benchmarked using Express Logic’s NETX DUE IPv4/IPv6 dual-TCP/IP stack using the industry-standard Iperf network throughput benchmark.


USB Host Mass Storage Demo—reads files from a USB stick inserted into the RSK board.


FILEX Demo—shows how Express Logic’s FILEX embedded FAT file system creates and then reads back files using a RAM disk.

GUIX Demos

GUIX Thermometer Demo—illustrates the creation of a GUI and shows the C-code that implements the actions associated with each GUI event.

GUIX Medical Demo—depicts the operation of a simulated patient-monitoring station in a hospital using three screens and tabs for screen selection.

GUIX Weather Demo—simulates a weather-forecast station, with multiple screens displaying a 7-day preview and the option to select a day.

Multifunction Demos

USB Mass Storage Demo (RTOS, USB, file system)—reads files from a USB stick inserted into the RSK board to show the how THREADX, FILEX, and USBX work together.

Multifunction Medical Demo (RTOS, graphics, USB, file system, web server)—adds USB host mass storage, creates and uses a file system, and operates a web-server within a single application using THREADX, FILEX, USBX, NETX, and GUIX all working together.

The 13-project demo workspace can be downloaded from Express Logic’s RZ/A1 RSK Download Center. The demos require a Renesas RSK board and IAR’s Embedded Workbench for ARM, V7.20.2 or later.

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