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Express Logic’s THREADX® RTOS Selected for China’s Latest Smart Mobile Handsets

Boston, MA, Embedded Systems Conference (September 20, 2010)

Express Logic, Inc., the leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that its popular THREADX® RTOS supports the full functionality of a number of advanced mobile handsets recently introduced in China. Leadcore, a fundamental technology provider based in China, has licensed Express Logic’s THREADX RTOS for its user equipment solutions for 3G wireless mobile devices. Leadcore is using THREADX as the single RTOS in the latest models of smart phones developed and manufactured by its downstream business partners LG, ZTE, and Yulong in China.

THREADX, a small-footprint, low-overhead, easy-to-use RTOS, powers over 750 million electronic devices worldwide. Mobile handsets, which demand real-time performance, application management, and robust user interfaces, represent an increasing percentage of these devices. THREADX successfully meets the demands of these handset devices, while keeping software development as simple as possible. While some manufacturers wrestle with large, complex, multiple-OS solutions to support the full functionality of their mobile phones, Leadcore and its partners simplify their development and speed time to market by using THREADX as one OS to meet all of their requirements.

The adoption of THREADX by Leadcore Technology, and its partners like LG, ZTE, and Yulong, prove that:

  • A single RTOS, such as THREADX, can meet mobile handset demands from low-end basic units to high-end smartphones. Multiple-OS solutions complicate system development, increase debug time and overall cost, and heighten the risk of software failure.
  • THREADX’s simplicity and ease-of-use speeds time-to-market for chipset and phone manufacturers. Because THREADX is thoroughly field-proven to be rock-solid and reliable, and so easy to use, developers report they can proceed quickly and intuitively, achieving better on-time project completion than with the competition.
  • Low-cost, royalty-free pricing increases THREADX’s appeal to high-volume integrators. With royalty-based pricing models, software becomes a bill-of-materials cost, reducing profit margin, or requiring increased selling price.

“As the owner of TD-SCDMA core patents, Leadcore plays a key role in the TD-SCDMA terminal business chain by offering our customers the highest performance chipsets and terminal system solution,” said Lei Feng, Vice President of Leadcore. “Express Logic’s THREADX RTOS enables us to meet our demanding cost and performance goals and to pass these benefits on to handset manufacturers, who are constantly driven to get products to market faster.”

Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is using THREADX in their CoolPAD cellular phone, which offers user-friendly features at a low cost. CoolPAD provides video communication, high-speed internet access, and mobile office functionality.

“We found THREADX to be very easy to use, and that helped us get our CoolPAD phone to market quickly,” said Yong Gu , Marketing Director of Yulong Telecomunication. “THREADX provided all the RTOS functionality we needed in our phones without the complexity and expense of a larger RTOS.”

Leadcore’s mobile phone chips are used throughout the mobile handset marketplace, including in new models of TD-SDMA mobile phones that were recently ordered by China Mobile, a leading supplier of mobile handset solutions. The TD-SCDMA network operator has ordered 11 models of mobile phones, including the Leadcore chip-powered low-end TD-SCDMA devices launched by ZTE Corporation and LG, as well as the Leadcore chip-based flagship broadband TD-SCDMA products rolled out by LG, ZTE, and Yulong.

“THREADX was designed from the ground up for ease of use,” commented William Lamie, Express Logic CEO and architect of the THREADX RTOS. “Repeatedly, THREADX is credited for shortening time to market and reducing overall program costs. It’s wonderful to see that the additional planning we put into THREADX’s initial design is paying off for developers.”

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