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Express Logic’s THREADX® To Bring Full RTOS Capabilities to the ARM® mbed™ Ecosystem

Embedded World 2015, Nuremberg, Germany (February 23, 2015)

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOSes), announces that it plans to join the ARM mbed ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) product development. ARM mbed OS is an operating environment for IoT devices that is especially well-suited to run in energy-constrained applications. mbed OS includes the connectivity, security, and device management functionalities required in every IoT device. Express Logic’s THREADX RTOS and NetX Duo IPv6 network stack will complement mbed OS with full real-time RTOS capabilities and advanced networking technology for IoT applications seeking robust TCP/IPv4-IPv6 functionality.

mbed OS includes a basic, non-preemptive scheduler with limited synchronization and communication primitives, to support its communication and cloud protocols. THREADX provides a solution for IoT developers who need priority-based, fully preemptive scheduling along with advanced technology such as Preemption-Threshold Scheduling™, priority inheritance, event chaining, event trace, run-time stack analysis, and completely deterministic processing. For devices requiring safety certification, THREADX was the first RTOS to earn UL/IEC 60730 safety certification and also offers TUV IEC 61508 and IEC 62304 certification for medical, industrial, and transportation, and DO-178B certification for Avionics. With the addition of THREADX, the mbed OS community will be able to leverage all of Express Logic’s X-Ware middleware products as well, including the FileX file system, GUIX graphics framework, NetX Duo TCP/IPv4/IPv6 network stack, USBX USB host/device/OTG stack and TraceX real-time event trace analysis tool. IoT devices by their very nature have complex networking requirements. Developers need a complete and easy to use IPv6 TCP/IP stack to meet the challenges of the connected network. Express Logic’s NetX Duo™ provides both IPv4 and IPv6 functionality and the ability for developers to configure their interface addresses automatically through its Stateless Address Autoconfiguration protocol.

“Our THREADX RTOS complements the ARM mbed OS platform by adding full RTOS multitasking and comprehensive, advanced services for real-time applications,” said William E. Lamie, president of Express Logic. “THREADX already is widely used by developers of ARM-based IoT systems, including IoT developers using Broadcom’s WICED and Gainspan’s GS2000 SoC’s, both of which are based on our proven X-Ware solutions. We are excited to extend these already proven IoT solutions to the mbed OS development community.”

By providing its RTOS and middleware products that feature a small footprint, easy to use source code and intuitive APIs, Express Logic strengthens ARM mbed OS and continues to be the RTOS and middleware leader on the forefront of IoT development and growth.

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