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THREADX® RTOS Deployments Soar to Over 750 Million Led by Wireless SoC Applications

ESC-Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA (April 26, 2010)

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that the number of THREADX-based product deployments now totals more than 750 million units. Led by HP’s use of THREADX in their line of inkjet and All-In-One printers and Broadcom and Marvell’s use of THREADX in wireless networking SoCs, THREADX consistently ranks among the most widely deployed operating systems for embedded devices. Thanks to its royalty-free licensing model, Express Logic’s THREADX has been used in millions of high-volume products across multiple consumer and industrial markets. THREADX powers a wide variety of products from entertaining consumer electronics to life-saving medical devices:

Product Category

THREADX Deployments

Representative Customers

Wireless Connectivity400,000,000Broadcom, Intel, Marvell
Inkjet Printers275,000,000HP, Sharp
Baseboard Management Controllers35,000,000Intel, QLogic
Cell Phones22,000,000Samsung, Infineon, Leadcore
Digital TV16,000,000Sony, Pioneer, Zoran
Digital Cameras16,000,000HP, Pentax, Zoran
DVD Recorders/Players7,000,000Toshiba, Sharp, Zoran
Storage Devices3,500,000ST, Quantum
DSL/Cable Modems3,500,000Conklin
Medical Devices1,500,000Welch-Allyn
Digital Radio1,000,000IBiquity
Space Probes2NASA

“In the past year, THREADX deployments were boosted by a number of successful applications in the wireless sector, notably Bluetooth, e-readers, Blu-ray players, telematics, and smartphones,” commented William E. Lamie, president of Express Logic. “We’re very proud to be used in so many successful electronic devices, once again underscoring the vital role that THREADX plays in products that get to market quickly and achieve widespread success.”

THREADX is Express Logic’s small-footprint, fast, royalty-free RTOS for demanding real-time applications. Its royalty-free business model makes THREADX extremely attractive for high-volume devices. Equally important is the ease-of-use that enables THREADX-powered devices to get to market on time and within budget.

Lamie adds, “These deployment volumes and ahead-of-schedule project completions illustrate the rock-solid reliability of THREADX and its ease-of-use. Without bullet-proof reliability and the ease-of-use that enables speedy development and fast time-to-market, such production volume would never be economically achievable. We’re very proud that THREADX has proven itself to be so user friendly and reliable that customers’ products have achieved such high volumes.”

Shipping and Availability

THREADX is available in full source code form, royalty-free, with project license prices starting at $12,500.

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