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THREADX® RTOS Deployments Surpass One Billion

ESC-Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA (May 03, 2011)

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free, real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that the number of THREADX-based product deployments now totals more than 1 billion units. Led by Broadcom’s and Marvell’s use of THREADX in wireless networking SoCs and HP’s use of THREADX in its market-leading line of inkjet and all-in-one printers, THREADX consistently ranks among the most widely deployed operating systems for mobile and embedded devices. Thanks to its royalty-free licensing model, Express Logic’s THREADX has been used in high-volume products across multiple consumer and industrial markets. THREADX powers a wide variety of products, from consumer entertainment electronics to lifesaving medical devices:

Product Category

THREADX Deployments

Representative Customers

Wireless Connectivity600,000,000Broadcom, Intel, Marvell
Inkjet Printers275,000,000HP, Sharp
Baseboard Management Controllers50,000,000Intel, QLogic
Cell Phones30,000,000Samsung, Infineon, Leadcore
Digital TV16,000,000Sony, Pioneer, Zoran
Digital Cameras15,000,000HP, Pentax, Zoran
DVD Recorders/Players7,000,000Toshiba, Sharp, Zoran
Storage Devices3,500,000ST, Quantum
DSL/Cable Modems3,100,000Conklin
Medical Devices2,000,000Welch-Allyn
Digital Radio1,000,000IBiquity
Space Probes2NASA

“Embedded developers have a plethora of options from which to confidently choose the operating system best suited for their application,” commented Dr. Jerry Krasner, Principal Analyst of Embedded Market Forecasters (www.embeddedforecast.com), an independent market research firm. “Year over year, EMF surveys of embedded developers show that Express Logic’s THREADX RTOS performs superbly in time to market, designs completed on or ahead of schedule, and design outcomes. These benefits are reflected in Express Logic reaching more than a billion deployments.”

Express Logic strengthened its presence in VisionMobile’s “100 Million Club,” on achieving more than 600 million mobile devices deployments now using THREADX. VisionMobile (www.visionmobile.com), a market analysis and strategy firm delivering market know-how to the mobile industry, offers research reports, industry maps, training courses and advisory services on under-the-radar market sectors and emerging technologies. Highlights of VisionMobile’s 2011 report are featured in a recent blog.

The outlook for continued wireless growth is bright. According to new IHS iSuppli research as reported in New Electronics, “The market for wireless local area network (WLAN) chipsets is set to double in size in 2011. Shipments of the chipsets this year are projected to reach 738.9 million units, up 101.5% from 366.8 million in 2010. IHS predicts they will exceed 1 billion units in shipments next year and reach more than 2 billion units by 2014.”

“Wireless vendors battle with exceedingly tight time-to-market cycles and resource constraints,” confirmed William E. Lamie, President of Express Logic. “We believe THREADX’s ease of use that enables developers to consistently gain the best design outcomes, along with its royalty-free licensing, has contributed to THREADX gaining almost universal adoption throughout the wireless market.” Lamie added, “THREADX fulfills all the needs of a wireless application: on-time project completions, rock-solid reliability, small footprint, and very fast context switching. We’re proud that THREADX has proven itself to be so user friendly and reliable that our customers’ products have achieved such high volumes.”

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