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Vector Software Integrates VectorCAST with Express Logic’s THREADX® RTOS

Providence, RI (March 13, 2012)

Vector Software, the leading provider of dynamic software testing solutions for embedded systems, has integrated its VectorCAST platform with the THREADX® Real Time Operating System (RTOS) from Express Logic, Inc.

Express Logic’s THREADX is an advanced RTOS designed specifically for deeply embedded applications. THREADX has many advanced features, including its picokernel™ architecture, Preemption-Threshold™ scheduling, event-chaining™, and a rich set of system services. With over a billion deployments, THREADX is the ideal choice for the most demanding of embedded applications.

“Our initial integration was built to support a customer using the IAR Embedded Workbench® IDE for the ARM™ environment,” said John Paliotta, Chief Technology Officer at Vector Software. “However, the integration is immediately available for all supported compilers, targets, and simulators.”

When executing tests under THREADX, the VectorCAST harness runs as a thread, enabling the application under test to have full access to the THREADX RTOS services during unit testing.

“We are excited to partner with Vector Software in offering developers a powerful, fully integrated solution for embedded systems development,” commented William E. Lamie, President of Express Logic, Inc. “VectorCAST support for our THREADX RTOS provides a best-of-breed solution that will help developers successfully deliver products to market faster and enable them to effectively succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.”

About Vector Software, Inc.

Vector Software is the world’s leading provider of software testing solutions for safety and mission critical embedded applications. Companies worldwide in automotive, aerospace, medical devices, industrial controls, rail, and other industries, rely on Vector Software’s VectorCAST. By automating and managing the complex tasks associated with unit, integration, and system level testing, VectorCAST helps organizations accelerate the development and ensure the reliability of their embedded software applications. Founded in 1989 by embedded software engineers, Vector Software is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island USA; with offices worldwide and a world-class team of support and technology partners. To learn more, visit Vector Software at vectorcast.com

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