Consulting Partners

Providing Assistance for X-WARE IoT PLATFORM

Artenergy has partnered with Express Logic to provide graphical user interface design services.

Specializing in the creation of dynamic and engaging user interface designs, they focus on the quality of the end user’s experience. Artenergy has created various sample GUIX user interfaces, including a medical device reference, a smart watch reference, a home automation reference, an industrial control reference, an automotive reference, and various sprite and animation examples for the Express Logic packages.

Artenergy is located in Kentfield, California, just north of San Francisco. Please visit Artenergy to learn more about creative services and to see the UI/UX design portfolio; or submit this form to contact them about your project.

Global Edge Software Ltd. has teamed up with Express Logic to provide THREADX customers with embedded software solutions and IP based services. Global Edge has worked extensively on the THREADX RTOS, mainly in the WiFi and VoIP technology space by developing BSP, Firmware and Drivers for various devices and interfaces. Global Edge Software’s Flexible Delivery Model for Product Development enhances THREADX customers’ ability to reduce their cost of product development dramatically while keeping a control on product architecture. It also enables easy ramping up & ramping down of product teams based on business priorities. Global Edge Software is a leading embedded software solutions and services company serving the Consumer Electronics, Networking/Communication and Automotive industries. Established in the year 1992, Global Edge with its team of 300+ system engineers has excelled in transforming its customer’s business vision into reality by offering superior, cost effective, quality engineering solutions. Operating from a state-of-the-art development center in Bangalore, Global Edge offers a unique combination of Research and Development, Product Engineering and Software Development Services. Global Edge is SEI CMM Level 5 certified and its solutions are backed by ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001:2005. For more information visit the Global Edge Software Ltd website.

JBLopen offers consulting services in the field of embedded software porting and integration at every stage of a project’s life-cycle. JBLopen specializes in supporting high-end applications requiring high-performance SoCs or deeply embedded MCUs with aggressive size and power constraints. JBLopen can provide porting, driver and BSP development as well as embedded component integration for THREADX, THREADX SMP and the entire set of X-WARE components, across a wide range of platforms and toolchains. In addition, JBLopen has extensive experience with real time AMP, SMP and HMP systems. For more information visit the JBLopen website.

MicroLAB Systems is a design and manufacturing company well known for its product lines of high-performance TORNADO DSP boards and MIRAGE JTAG/MPSD Emulators for TI TMS320 DSP since ‘1992. Most of MicroLAB Systems products are the industry first and still remain with unique parameters at the market.

TORNADO product line includes the industrial grade high performance MicroTCA® DSP systems, AMC-modules and embedded controllers with TI DSP, Xilinx FPGA and ARM/PPC CPU, FMC modules, RF recording systems and many more, all coming with powerful software support. Unlikely other RTOSes, the Express Logic’s ThreadX® is the only recommended must choice of the RTOS platform underneath multiple supplied software tools for TORNADO boards for most demanding telecom and industrial applications, which require ultimate reliability of long-term exploitation and certifcate compliance.

Express Logic and MicroLAB Systems continuously partner in new ports design, testing and performance evaluation. A long standing hardware and software design experience allows MicroLAB Systems to provide the first class consulting and custom design services.

MicroLAB Systems is located in Moscow, Russia and is official distributor for Express Logic since ‘2004. For more information visit MicroLAB Systems web-site.

Technolution has worked with Express Logic to port its ThreadX-powered X-Ware IoT platform to RISC-V architecture, bringing industrial-grade IoT support to RISC-V. Technolution also provides support for Express Logic’s European customers. Boasting a track record of more than 30 years, this globally active technology integrator from the Netherlands combines advanced electronics and state-of-the-art software into innovative solutions for their clients. Technolution is specialized in the interface between hardware and software and focuses on high-speed electronics engineering, programmable logic and embedded systems. Building on this experience, Technolution develops hardware, VHDL, BSP and driver solutions for industry, high assurance and security, healthcare and image processing markets. For more information, please visit

Pebble Bay provides independent, professional embedded consulting services for a wide range of OEM companies involved in digital video and communication technologies. Our key areas include: BSP & device driver creation, RTOS technology expertise, application and protocol integration. Founded in 2005, PBCL operates from offices in Leamington Spa, UK providing adequate reach to a broad European client base. Pebble Bay provides device software consulting services on THREADX on a broad selection of hardware platforms including ARM, MIPS & Power Architecture for companies who design and manufacture products within digital consumer & medical, military & aerospace and industrial control markets. Pebble Bay’s services are applicable to any stage of the life-cycle of a given product; starting from architectural analysis through development and on to maintenance and eventually end-of-life. For more information visit the Pebble Bay website.

SoftDEL Systems, Ltd is a global provider of engineering software development services and solutions. SoftDEL has extensive experience in developing THREADX based real time solutions over a variety of hardware platforms based on ARM, MIPS etc. SoftDEL’s services include custom application development and architecting subsystems which includes design, development and testing of the software, migrating applications from any RTOS to THREADX, extending development tools to provide THREADX support, BSP development, protocol stacks and device driver development. With offices in the USA and Europe and an offshore development center in India, SoftDEL can provide cost effective on-site / offshore services in the embedded software arena. For more information visit the SoftDEL Systems, Ltd website.

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