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Adveda offers a virtual workbench (called Univers) for developing, simulating and debugging of embedded software applications combined with Verilog rtl designs. Many general cycle-accurate Processor Instruction Set Simulators (ISS’s) and custom specific ISS’s, assemblers and C compilers are provided.

Multiple processor ISS’s from different manufacturers may run simultaneously in the same environment on different a synchronic time bases. In this unique, single environment more than one processor simulators may share the same peripheral or Verilog-rtl-applications.

Both decrease the Time to Market and increase the First Time Right chance dramatically. In Adveda’s simulation tool Univers the THREADX-applications of processors like A2P, Cortex, Texas Instruments and other processors can be simulated. For easy debugging a special peripheral for the THREADX-applications has been developed. For more information visit the Adveda website or the Univers Debugger for A2P.

Aicas Realtime offers state-of-the-art software Java technology and program verification solutions targeted at the military, aerospace, industrial automation, telecommunications, automotive, and personal electronics markets. aicas realtime was founded in 2001, has North American and European sales offices, and has resellers in all major Asian markets. Aicas Realtime is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of JamaicaVM 3.0.

JamaicaVM is the leading hard realtime Java technology solution for mission-critical, safety-critical, and embedded systems. JamaicaVM’s powerful Java technology reduces program development time, while increasing productivity, re-usability, security and safety. Backed by aicas realtime’s unparalleled customer support program, and available for a wide variety of operating systems and processor architectures, JamaicaVM is the ideal Java technology solution for the most demanding safety-critical, hard realtime and embedded applications. For more information on Aicas Realtime or JamaicaVM, or to apply for a free 45-day evaluation license, please visit Aicas Realtime website.

Arm, headquartered in the UK, is a leading intellectual property (IP) provider, licensing high-performance, low-cost, power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals, and system-chip designs to leading international electronics companies. THREADX fully supports all arm hardware solutions. In addition, arm also provides comprehensive development support tools that are fully integrated with the advanced THREADX RTOS. For more information visit the Arm website. For THREADX Debugger Support see Introduction to ARM DS-5 THREADX RTOS Awareness.

Atollic is leading innovation in the embedded IDE market and provides professional C/C++ development and testing tools. TrueSTUDIO® is a C/C++ compiler/debugger IDE with real-time tracing and advanced features for team collaboration and code reviews. The optional add-on modules TrueINSPECTOR®, TrueANALYZER® and TrueVERIFIER® adds features for static source code analysis, test quality measurement and embedded test automation, thus offering a supremely powerful tool solution for professional developers. For more information visit the Atollic website.

Datalight is the software expert for intelligent data storage on devices. Since the invention of flash memory, Datalight has provided trusted solutions that support the broadest array of flash memory technologies and operating systems. Our products speed time to market for device manufacturers and offer increased design flexibility. FlashFX Pro is an intelligent flash manager with pre-written drivers for hundreds of flash memory parts, including innovative flash technologies like hybrid flash and memory controllers. Reliance is a file system built on transaction point technology pioneered by Datalight specifically to eliminate data corruption due to unexpected power failures in embedded devices. For more information visit the Datalight website.

Embenatics offers a THREADX based software foundation layer accompanied by a development tool suite that lays the groundwork for your embedded software project with maximum flexibility right from the start.

Our products are designed to enable you to quickly react to necessary, sometimes unpredictable changes of the software or hardware architecture. Supporting you in migrating your application to a different platform and scaling your software up towards a multi-core architecture.

In addition our foundation layer provides important insight into your system. Inter-process communication trace and profiling data for diagnostics, test and optimization purposes is displayed with our visualization tools. For more information visit the Embenatics website.

Emprog Inc, is a privately owned company, headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA (USA). Its main vision is to provide the engineering and embedded community with the best integration, development and distribution of productivity development software and hardware tools targeted mainly towards the ARM® architecture. With over two decades of combined experience in selling, marketing and supporting software and hardware development solutions, the Emprog team has the knowledge, expertise and the best skill-set needed to service hi-tech companies working on embedded systems designs or technology products. Emprog is a provider of enhanced integration of standard development tools for Embedded programming. The company’s flagship product ThunderBench has the best deployment of an Eclipse IDE platform for embedded use. ThunderBench for ARM enables thousands of engineers to develop their products using high performance 32-bit Cortex/ARM devices in several industry areas such as automotive, medical, consumer electronics, automotive, wireless, LED, and telecom. Emprog’s ThunderBench for ARM/Cortex is a modern and innovative integration of a C/C++ compiler, Debugger and IDE within Eclipse platform for any ARM/Cortex device. Emprog’s fine crafting of Eclipse for embedded use has removed any gap between what is called ‘proprietary’ and ‘open technology’ tools. Single and fast installation of all required components, and a complete development system up and running out-of-the-box in no time. For more information visit the Emprog website.

Green Hills Software MULTI 2000 provides THREADX-aware debugging extension, thread-safe library support, and the run-time EventAnalyzer for THREADX. MULTI 2000 and THREADX are available for the following processor families: ARM, Thumb, StrongARM, PowerPC, Hitachi SH, MIPS, NEC V8xx, ColdFire, 68K, x86, Win32, M-Core, and TriCore. For more information visit the Green Hills Software website. For THREADX Debugger Support see Green Hills MULTI 2000.

IAR Systems® is the world’s leading independent vendor of development tools for embedded systems. The highly optimizing C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite IAR Embedded Workbench® is available for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers from all major vendors, including all ARM cores. IAR Systems also provides a range of integrated in-circuit debugging probes and starter kits, and the graphical state machine design tool IAR visualSTATE®.

IAR Systems® is headquartered in Sweden, and has sales and support offices in the US, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, and the UK, and distributors in 25 additional countries. For more information visit the IAR Systems® website. For THREADX Debugger Support see The THREADX C-SPY Plugin.

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ITTIA develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports embedded database software products and services. ITTIA’s next generation database technology, ITTIA DB SQL, delivers capabilities culminated from decades of database evolution in a compact, self-managing package. ITTIA DB SQL and THREADX enable developers to leverage leading edge database and operating system to design and develop a state of art embedded application. For more information visit the ITTIA website.

Lauterbach Datentechnik is the European Leader of In Circuit Emulators and In Circuit Debuggers for a wide range of microcontrollers (8-, 16- and 32-bit), e.g. PowerPC, ARM, Coldfire, SuperH, and Xscale. Their high level PowerView development environment includes HLL debugging for all major programming languages and seamless integrations to CASE tools. It provides an adaptable RTOS aware debugger, and Lauterbach is proud to announce a deep ready-to-run THREADX awareness (see PDF). You may watch THREADX resources changing or do some statistic evaluations on your multi-threaded application. For more information visit the Lauterbach Datentechnik website. For THREADX Debugger Support see Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Debugging for THREADX.

MapuSoft Technologies ™ goal is to provide royalty-free tools and support that allows customers to quickly move their products from any Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) to THREADX, without changing code. OS Changer products come in the form of individual compatibility and/or abstraction libraries which are fully scalable and easily usable by your application. For more information visit the MapuSoft Technologies website.

McObject provides the eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) product family, designed to meet the data management needs of intelligent, connected devices. Founded by embedded database and real-time systems experts, McObject offers proven database technology that makes devices such as consumer electronics, networking equipment and industrial control systems smarter, more reliable and more cost-effective to develop and maintain. eXtremeDB provides critical data management features — including transactions, concurrent access, and a high-level data definition language — with a tiny code size of approximately 150K. Key eXtremeDB features include support for complex data types and multiple database indexes; a powerful debugging environment and intuitive, type-safe native C/C++ API; optional XML, SQL ODBC, JDBC, and native Java, C# and Python interfaces; and event notifications to notify the application when something “of interest” in the database changes. For more information about the eXtremeDB product family visit the McObject website.

PolyCore Software provides tools to simplify multicore development. Poly-Platform is a suite of software productivity development tools to define and generate the communications infrastructure for the application’s multicore and multiprocessor topology, includes wizards to facilitate implementing MCAPI with the application, and, a runtime module to move the data which results in a highly efficient development and runtime environment, improving the products time to market. MCAPI is a standard defined and supported by the Multicore Association. For more information visit the PolyCore Software website.

PragmaDev is a privately held company based in Paris France that provides a set of tools for the development of real time and embedded software: “Real Time Developer Studio” and “MSC Tracer”. Real Time Developer Studio targets all development teams working with a Real Time Operating System with the first commercial-off-the-shelf tool based on SDL-RT and UML languages. The MSC Tracer is an on-line or off-line tracing tool based on the ITU-T Message Sequence Chart and UML Sequence Diagram. For more information visit the PragmaDev website.

Quantum Leaps is the developer of the open source QP™ state machine frameworks, which enable building well-structured embedded applications as a set of concurrently executing hierarchical state machines (UML statecharts) directly in C or C++ without big tools. QP consists of a universal UML-compliant event processor (QEP), a portable real-time framework (QF), a tiny run-to-completion kernel (QK), and software tracing instrumentation (QS). Current versions of QP include: QP/C™ and QP/C++™, which require about 4KB of code and a few hundred bytes of RAM, and the ultra-lightweight QP-nano, which requires only 1-2KB of code and just several bytes of RAM. QP is described in detail in the book Practical UML Statecharts in C/C++, Second Edition (Newnes 2008). They are headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC. For more information visit the Quantum Leaps website.

Real Time Developer Studio is a set of SDL-RT, UML, and C/C++ editors. It generates full C code out of the SDL-RT description embedding RTOS system calls such as THREADX and C++ skeletons out of the UML description. Its connection with cross debuggers allows graphical debugging in the SDL-RT diagrams and at C level, as well as graphical traces based on SDL-RT MSC diagrams. For more information visit the Real Time Developer Studio website.

SDL-RT is a UML real time profile based on SDL language from ITU, used for years in the telecommunications industry to specify protocols. SDL-RT introduces the missing concepts in SDL such as semaphores and embedded C language to fit the real-time developer’s needs while keeping the original language’s benefits. The unique combination of UML, SDL, C and C++ in the tool provides full and complete standardized graphical representations of any embedded application. For more information visit the SDL-RT website.

TASKING, the Embedded Communications Company, brings together the software technology needed to compete in the embedded communications era. TASKING’s award-winning integrated development environment, compiler, debugger, embedded Internet support a wide range of DSPs and 8-, 16-, 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers for all areas of embedded communications. TASKING services its installed base of 100,000 licensed users with sales and support offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia. THREADX is integrated with TASKING tools on many popular embedded processor architectures. For more information visit the TASKING website.

Vector Software is the world’s leading provider of software testing solutions for safety and mission critical embedded applications. Companies worldwide in automotive, aerospace, medical devices, industrial controls, rail, and other industries, rely on Vector Software’s VectorCAST. By automating and managing the complex tasks associated with unit, integration, and system level testing, VectorCAST helps organizations accelerate the development and ensure the reliability of their embedded software applications. Founded in 1989 by embedded software engineers, Vector Software is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island USA; with offices worldwide and a world-class team of support and technology partners. For more information visit the Vector Software website.

Wind River’s Eclipse-based Workbench™ IDE is the industry’s first and only Eclipse-based open device software development solution that offers deep capability for developers across the entire development process in a single integrated suite. Wind River Workbench, Wind River compilers and debuggers are high performance development tool solutions for THREADX applications running on the PowerPC, 68K, ColdFire, MCORE, MIPS, ARM, and XScale. THREADX-aware debugging is also available for Workbench and the VisionCLICK debugger. For more information visit the Wind River website. For THREADX Debugger Support see THREADX Debugging In Wind River Workbench

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