Preemption-Threshold Scheduling

Preemption-Threshold™ Scheduling

Express Logic's innovative Preemption-Threshold Scheduling technology has been the subject of many articles and white papers, both commercial and academic. Here are several to choose from:

  • Using Preemption-Threshold Scheduling to Cut Overhead While Meeting Deadlines, by Dr. Alex Dean Click HERE to view

  • ARM Blog: Get An Exemption From Preemption, by John Carbone, Express Logic Click HERE to view

  • Embedded Systems Design Magazine, March, 2011, Feature Article: "Lower the Overhead in RTOS Scheduling," by Professor Alexander Dean, Ph.D.

  • Presentation from Real-Time Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC), Santa Clara, January, 2011 View Presentation

  • White paper containing an overview of Express Logic's technique of reducing context switches. Overview of Preemption-Threshold

  • Wang, Concordia University, and Saksena, University of Pittsburgh, on Scheduling Fixed-Priority Tasks with Preemption Threshold

  • R. Ghattas and A. G. Dean. Preemption threshold scheduling: Stack optimality, enhancements and analysis. In RTAS ’07: Proc. of the 13th IEEE Real Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, 2007. 2007_Preemption-Threshold_Scheduling_Ghattas_and_Dean.pdf

  • G. Yao and G. Buttazzo, Reducing Stack with Intra-Task Threshold Priorities in Real-Time Systems, Proc. of the 10th Int. Conf. on Embedded Software, 2010. 2010_10_PTS_paper_by_Yao_and_Buttazzo.pdf