guix Snapshot
  • The Industry Leading GUI Solution
  • Small-footprint
  • Fast execution
  • Simple, easy-to-use
  • Create elegant user interfaces
  • Comprehensive set of built-in widgets
  • Complete low-level drawing API
  • Default free fonts and easy to add more
  • Custom JPG and PNG decoder implementation
  • Extensive display and touchscreen support
  • GUIX Studio desktop WYSIWYG tool
  • Complete Win32 simulation
  • Advanced technology
    • Automatic scaling
    • Endian neutral
    • Multiple display and canvas support
    • Supports monochrome through 32-bit true-color with alpha graphics formats
    • Hardware accelerator support
    • Bitmap compression
    • Alpha Blending
    • Dither support
    • Anti-Aliasing
    • Skinning and Themes
    • Canvas blending
    • Deferred drawing support
    • Multilingual support and UTF-8 encoding
    • Optimized clipping, drawing, and event handling
    • Window management including Viewports and Z-order maintenance
    • Transitions, Sprites, and Animation support
    • Custom widget support
    • Runtime JPEG and PNG decoder
  • Fastest Time-To-Market
  • Royalty Free
  • Full, highest-quality source code
  • Supports most popular architectures
    (see below)
GUIX Architecture Support
  • ARM
    • ARM7, ARM9, ARM11
    • Cortex-M, Cortex-R, Cortex-A
    • Cortex-Axx 64-bit
  • AndesCore
  • Analog Devices
    • Blackfin BF5xx, BF6xx, BF7xx
    • SHARC
  • Cadence
    • Xtensa
    • Diamond
  • CEVA
    • TeakLite-III
  • EnSilica
    • eSi-RISC
  • NXP
    • ARM (LPC, i.MX, Kinetis)
    • 68K
    • Coldfire
    • PowerPC
  • Imagination
    • MIPS32 4Kx, 24Kx, 34Kx, 1004K
    • microAptiv, interAptiv, proAptiv
    • M-Class
  • Intel
    • ARM (Cyclone SOC, Arria 10 SOC)
    • NIOSII
    • x86PM
  • Microchip
    • ARM (SAM)
    • AVR32
    • PIC24
    • PIC32
  • Renesas
    • ARM (Synergy, RZ)
    • H8/300H
    • RX
    • SH
    • V850
  • Silicon Labs
    • EFM32
  • ST
    • STM32
  • Synopsys
    • ARC 600, 700
    • ARC EM, ARC HS
  • Texas Instruments
    • ARM (Tiva-C, Sitara, OMAP)
    • C5xx
    • C6xx
  • Xilinx
    • ARM (Zynq)
    • MicroBlaze
    • PowerPC


GUIX for the Critical Link MityDSP/MityARM Family Microprocessors


  • Complete MityDSP/MityARM Family Support
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • No Royalties
  • Complete ANSI C Source Code
  • Easy to Use and Powerful Services
  • Responsive Technical Support
  • Unlimited System Resources
  • Size Scales Automatically (50K-100K)
  • GUIX is High-Performance

    GUIX achieves maximum performance by minimizing the system overhead required to maintain a graphical presentation. This includes support for advanced window and viewport clipping techniques that prevent unnecessary screen drawing. In addition, GUIX always interacts directly with graphics and input hardware to achieve the greatest possible throughput.

    GUIX Size Advantages

    A minimum GUIX footprint requires roughly 50K of code space, 4K of stack, and 2K of dynamic memory. A typical full-featured GUI requires a GUIX footprint of roughly 100K code, 4K Stack, and 8K of dynamic memory.

    GUIX Interface

    GUIX includes a complete windowing and widget set that makes it easy for developers to quickly implement their intended UI designs. Please see the GUIX User Guide and the API description for more details.

    GUIX Language Support

    GUIX provides industry leading support for multi-lingual applications. GUIX fully supports UTF8 multi-byte string encoding and Unicode characters. Our CompositeFont technology provides an industry-leading solution for incorporating even very large character sets in memory-limited embedded systems.

    GUIX Graphics Output

    GUIX is designed work with and take full advantage a broad range of graphics output devices and display screens. GUIX can be configured for monochrome, 4 grays, 16 grays, 16 colors, 256 colors, 65535 colors, and true 24-bit RGB color output. GUIX supports systems with multiple simultaneous displays at different resolutions and color formats

    Easy to Use

    GUIX is designed for ease of use. The GUIX API is designed to be easy to understand, powerful and consistent.

    GUIX Studio

    GUIX Studio enables developers to prototype their designs on a PC, without any programming at all! GUIX Studio provides a complete WYSIWYG screen design environment which allows the user to drag-and-drop graphical elements used to build the UI screens. GUIX Studio automatically generates C code compatible with the GUIX library, ready to be compiled and run on the target.