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Our Solutions

Our Industrial Grade Solutions are lightning fast, real-time responsive, fully supported, easy to learn and use — proven to deliver the highest standard of commercial software available today.
THREADX is Express Logic’s advanced Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded applications. Among the multiple benefits THREADX provides are advanced scheduling facilities, message passing, interrupt management, and messaging services. THREADX has many advanced features, including its picokernel™ architecture, preemption-threshold™ scheduling, event-chaining™, and a rich set of system services.
FILEX is Express Logic’s high-performance FAT-compatible file system. It is fully integrated with THREADX and is available for all supported processors. Like THREADX, FILEX is designed to have a small footprint and high-performance, making it ideal for today’s deeply embedded applications that require file operations. FILEX supports most physical media, including RAM disk, USBX, SD CARD, and NAND/NOR flash memories via LEVELX.
GUIX is a professional quality graphical user interface package, created to meet the needs of embedded systems developers. Unlike the alternatives, GUIX is small, fast, and easily ported to virtually any hardware configuration capable of supporting graphical output. GUIX also delivers exceptional visual appeal and an intuitive and powerful API for application-level user interface development.
NETX is Express Logic’s high-performance implementation of TCP/IP protocol standards. It is fully integrated with THREADX, and is available for all supported processors. NETX has a unique Piconet™ architecture. Combined with a zero-copy API, it makes it a perfect fit for today’s deeply embedded applications that require network connectivity.
NETX Duo is Express Logic’s advanced, Industrial Grade TCP/IP network stacks designed specifically for deeply embedded, real-time, and IoT applications. NETX DUO is a dual IPv4 and IPv6 network stack, while NETX is Express Logic’s original IPv4 network stack, essentially a sub-set of NETX DUO.
USBX is Express Logic’s high-performance USB host, device, and On-The-Go (OTG) embedded stack. It is fully integrated with THREADX and is available for all THREADX supported processors. Like THREADX, USBX is designed to have a small footprint and high performance, making it ideal for deeply embedded applications that require an interface with USB devices.

small With a minimal footprint of 2KB, THREADX enables your designs to fit in the most memory-constrained IoT devices. That leaves more memory for you to achieve your functionality goals, or to reduce the memory cost of your device. For example, our solutions enables cloud connectivity in as little as 25KB!

safe We provide the most field-proven IoT solution with over billion deployments of THREADX worldwide. Additionally, we provide one of the most pre-certified RTOS solutions – allowing you to focus solely on your application certification. Our pre-certifications include IEC 61508 SIL 4, IEC 62304 Class C, and ISO 26262 ASIL D. THREADX has also been DO-178 certified.

secure We provide an application-controlled environment, which means all external access is under the complete control of the application. When external access is desired, we provide full IP layer security via IPsec and socket layer security via TLS and DTLS. We also leverage hardware cryptographic capabilities, memory protection, and general architecture security like TrustZone ARMv8-M for maximum device security.

advanced We provide advanced technology in all of our products, including the unique preemption-threshold technology found in THREADX. Preemption-threshold improves device responsiveness, while at the same time reducing unnecessary overhead. Event chaining, full determinism, and THREADX Modules are more examples of our advanced technology.

fast We provide the fastest run-time environment, boasting sub-microsecond context switching in THREADX, and near wire speed network performance in NETX DUO. Not only fast, our solutions are highly deterministic – they perform in a fast, predictable manner regardless of system load.

easy We provide the most intuitive APIs and industry-leading documentation. All of our solutions are proprietary – no open source – and all share the same look and feel. In addition, our solutions automatically scale and are designed for run-time adaptation rather than rigid compile time limits.


Windows-based tools that assist developers and allows one to see what is going on inside a device using our solutions.
GUIX Studio provides a complete GUI application design environment, facilitating the creation and maintenance of all graphical elements in the application’s GUI. GUIX STUDIO automatically generates C code compatible with the GUIX library, ready to be compiled and run on the target.
TRACEX is Express Logic’s host-based system event analysis tool. TRACEX provides developers with a graphical view of real-time system events. TRACEX enables embedded developers to visualize and better understand the behavior of their real-time systems.