FILEX Trace Events

The following is a list of FILEX embedded file system events displayed by TRACEX:

Internal Logical Sector Cache Miss
Internal Directory Cache Miss
Internal Media Flush
Internal Directory Entry Read
Internal Directory Entry Write
Internal I/O Driver Read
Internal I/O Driver Write
Internal I/O Driver Flush
Internal I/O Driver Abort
Internal I/O Driver Initialize
Internal I/O Driver Boot Read
Internal I/O Driver Release Sectors
Internal I/O Driver Boot Write
Internal I/O Driver Driver Un-initialize
Directory Attributes Read (fx_directory_attributes_read)
Directory Attributes Set (fx_directory_attributes_set)
Directory Create (fx_directory_create)
Directory Default Get (fx_directory_default_get)
Directory Default Set (fx_directory_default_set)
Directory Delete (fx_directory_delete)
Directory First Entry Find (fx_directory_first_entry_find)
Directory First Full Entry Find (fx_directory_first_full_entry_find)
Directory Information Get (fx_directory_information_get)
Directory Local Path Clear (fx_directory_local_path_clear)
Directory Local Path Get (fx_directory_local_path_get)
Directory Local Path Restore (fx_directory_local_path_restore)
Directory Local Path Set (fx_directory_local_path_set)
Directory Long Name Get (fx_directory_long_name_get)
Directory Name Test (fx_directory_name_test)
Directory Next Entry Find (fx_directory_next_entry_find)
Directory Next Full Entry Find (fx_directory_next_full_entry_find)
Directory Rename (fx_directory_rename)
Directory Short Name Get (fx_directory_short_name_get)
File Allocate (fx_file_allocate)
File Attributes Read (fx_file_attributes_read)
File Attributes Set (fx_file_attributes_set)
File Best Effort Allocate (fx_file_best_effort_allocate)
File Close (fx_file_close)
File Create (fx_file_create)
File Date Time Set (fx_file_date_time_set)
File Delete (fx_file_delete)
File Open (fx_file_open)
File Read (fx_file_read)
File Relative Seek (fx_file_relative_seek)
File Rename (fx_file_rename)
File Seek (fx_file_seek)
File Truncate (fx_file_truncate)
File Truncate Release (fx_file_truncate_release)
File Write (fx_file_write)
Media Abort (fx_media_abort)
Media Cache Invalidate (fx_media_cache_invalidate)
Media Check (fx_media_check)
Media Close (fx_media_close)
Media Flush (fx_media_flush)
Media Format (fx_media_format)
Media Open (fx_media_open)
Media Read (fx_media_read)
Media Space Available (fx_media_space_available)
Media Volume Get (fx_media_volume_get)
Media Volume Set (fx_media_volume_set)
Media Write (fx_media_write)
System Date Get (fx_system_date_get)
System Date Set (fx_system_date_set)
System Initialize (fx_system_initialize)
System Time Get (fx_system_time_get)
System Time Set (fx_system_time_set)
Unicode Directory Create (fx_unicode_directory_create)
Unicode Directory Rename (fx_unicode_directory_rename)
Unicode File Create (fx_unicode_file_create)
Unicode File Rename (fx_unicode_file_rename)
Unicode Length Get (fx_unicode_length_get)
Unicode Name Get (fx_unicode_name_get)
Unicode Short Name Get (fx_unicode_short_name_get)

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