NETX Trace Events

The following is a list of NETX events displayed by TRACEX:

Internal ARP Request Receive
Internal ARP Request Send
Internal ARP Response Receive
Internal ARP Response Send
Internal ICMP Receive
Internal ICMP Send
Internal IP Receive
Internal IP Send
Internal TCP Data Receive
Internal TCP Data Send
Internal TCP FIN Receive
Internal TCP FIN Send
Internal TCP RST Receive
Internal TCP RST Send
Internal TCP SYN Receive
Internal TCP SYN Send
Internal UDP Receive
Internal UDP Send
Internal RARP Receive
Internal RARP Send
Internal TCP Retry
Internal TCP State Change
Internal I/O Driver Packet Send
Internal I/O Driver Initialize
Internal I/O Driver Link Enable
Internal I/O Driver Link Disable
Internal I/O Driver Packet Broadcast
Internal I/O Driver ARP Send
Internal I/O Driver ARP Response Send
Internal I/O Driver RARP Send
Internal I/O Driver Multicast Join
Internal I/O Driver Multicast Leave
Internal I/O Driver Get Status
Internal I/O Driver Get Speed
Internal I/O Driver Get Duplex Type
Internal I/O Driver Get Error Count
Internal I/O Driver Get RX Count
Internal I/O Driver Get TX Count
Internal I/O Driver Get Allocation Errors
Internal I/O Driver Un-initialize
Internal I/O Driver Deferred Processing
ARP Dynamic Entries Invalidate (nx_arp_dynamic_entries_invalidate)
ARP Dynamic Entry Set (nx_arp_dynamic_entry_set)
ARP Enable (nx_arp_enable)
ARP Gratuitous Send (nx_arp_gratuitous_send)
ARP Hardware Address Find (nx_arp_hardware_address_find)
ARP Information Get (nx_arp_info_get)
ARP IP Address Find (nx_arp_ip_address_find)
ARP Static Entries Delete (nx_arp_static_entries_delete)
ARP Static Entry Create (nx_arp_static_entry_create)
ARP Static Entry Delete (nx_arp_static_entry_delete)
ICMP Enable (nx_icmp_enable)
ICMP Information Get (nx_icmp_info_get)
ICMP Ping (nx_icmp_ping)
IGMP Enable (nx_igmp_enable)
IGMP Information Get (nx_igmp_info_get)
IGMP Loopback Disable (nx_igmp_loopback_disable)
IGMP Loopback Enable (nx_igmp_loopback_enable)
IGMP Multicast Join (nx_igmp_multicast_join)
IGMP Multicast Leave (nx_igmp_multicast_leave)
IP Address Change Notify (nx_ip_address_change_notify)
IP Address Get (nx_ip_address_get)
IP Address Set (nx_ip_address_set)
IP Create (nx_ip_create)
IP Delete (nx_ip_delete)
IP Driver Direct Command (nx_ip_driver_direct_command)
IP Forwarding Disable (nx_ip_forwarding_disable)
IP Forwarding Enable (nx_ip_forwarding_enable)
IP Fragment Disable (nx_ip_fragment_disable)
IP Fragment Enable (nx_ip_fragment_enable)
IP Gateway Address Set (nx_ip_gateway_address_set)
IP Information Get (nx_ip_info_get)
IP Raw Packet Disable (nx_ip_raw_packet_disable)
IP Raw Packet Enable (nx_ip_raw_packet_enable)
IP Raw Packet Receive (nx_ip_raw_packet_receive)
IP Raw Packet Send (nx_ip_raw_packet_send)
IP Status Check (nx_ip_status_check)
Packet Allocate (nx_packet_allocate)
Packet Copy (nx_packet_copy)
Packet Data Append (nx_packet_data_append)
Packet Data Retrieve (nx_packet_data_retrieve)
Packet Length Get (nx_packet_length_get)
Packet Pool Create (nx_packet_pool_create)
Packet Pool Delete (nx_packet_pool_delete)
Packet Pool Information Get (nx_packet_pool_info_get)
Packet Release (nx_packet_release)
Packet Transmit Release (nx_packet_transmit_release)
RARP Disable (nx_rarp_disable)
RARP Enable (nx_rarp_enable)
RARP Information Get (nx_rarp_info_get)
System Initialize (nx_system_initialize)
TCP Client Socket Bind (nx_tcp_client_socket_bind)
TCP Client Socket Connect (nx_tcp_client_socket_connect)
TCP Client Socket Port Get (nx_tcp_client_socket_port_get)
TCP Client Socket Unbind (nx_tcp_client_socket_unbind)
TCP Enable (nx_tcp_enable)
TCP Free Port Find (nx_tcp_free_port_find)
TCP Information Get (nx_tcp_info_get)
TCP Server Socket Accept (nx_tcp_server_socket_accept)
TCP Server Socket Listen (nx_tcp_server_socket_listen)
TCP Server Socket Relisten (nx_tcp_server_socket_relisten)
TCP Server Socket Unaccept (nx_tcp_server_socket_unaccept)
TCP Server Socket Unlisten (nx_tcp_server_socket_unlisten)
TCP Socket Create (nx_tcp_socket_create)
TCP Socket Delete (nx_tcp_socket_delete)
TCP Socket Disconnect (nx_tcp_socket_disconnect)
TCP Socket Information Get (nx_tcp_socket_info_get)
TCP Socket MSS Get (nx_tcp_socket_mss_get)
TCP Socket MSS Peer Get (nx_tcp_socket_mss_peer_get)
TCP Socket MSS Set (nx_tcp_socket_mss_set)
TCP Socket Receive (nx_tcp_socket_receive)
TCP Socket Receive Notify (nx_tcp_socket_receive_notify)
TCP Socket Send (nx_tcp_socket_send)
TCP Socket State Wait (nx_tcp_socket_state_wait)
TCP Socket Transmit Configure (nx_tcp_socket_transmit_configure)
UDP Enable (nx_udp_enable)
UDP Free Port Find (nx_udp_free_port_find)
UDP Information Get (nx_udp_info_get)
UDP Socket Bind (nx_udp_socket_bind)
UDP Socket Checksum Disable (nx_udp_socket_checksum_disable)
UDP Socket Checksum Enable (nx_udp_socket_checksum_enable)
UDP Socket Create (nx_udp_socket_create)
UDP Socket Delete (nx_udp_socket_delete)
UDP Socket Information Get (nx_udp_socket_info_get)
UDP Socket Port Get (nx_udp_socket_port_get)
UDP Socket Receive (nx_udp_socket_receive)
UDP Socket Receive Notify (nx_udp_socket_receive_notify)
UDP Socket Send (nx_udp_socket_send)
UDP Socket Unbind (nx_udp_socket_unbind)
UDP Source Extract (nx_udp_source_extract)

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