Express Logic offers a comprehensive training program at its state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, California. The initial training course features hands-on embedded systems development using ThreadX, the high-performance RTOS for deeply embedded applications.

Our electronic classroom contains eight modern workstations and multimedia projection capabilities. Each attendee has individual access to a workstation that is loaded with ThreadX and other software for embedded systems applications, so the class size is limited to eight.

The training course is intensive; it combines a rich mixture of RTOS concepts and hands-on embedded systems projects that reinforce these concepts. The projects are presented in a spiral order of depth as increasingly complex embedded systems concepts are investigated and explored.

Each attendee is provided with a detailed training workbook, documentation for the lab projects, a copy of the ThreadX User Guide, a copy of the ThreadX Programmer's Reference Guide, and a ThreadX demonstration system.

ThreadX Topics Covered

Day 1


  • RTOS and MultiTasking Fundamentals
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Thread Design
  • Mutual Exclusion with Mutexes


  • Memory Management
  • Using Timing Facilities
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Using Counting Semaphores for Event Notification
  • Synchronizing Threads with Event Flags Groups

Day 2


  • Inter-Thread Communication with Message Queues
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Priority Inversion
  • Preemption Threshold


  • Interrupts and I/O
  • Designing a Multi-Threaded System
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Tips, Hints, and Traps

On-Site Courses

We can offer dedicated training courses at your site, or at any location of your choosing. The advantage of these courses is that we can customize them specifically for your development project. Contact us for more information.