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Express Logic offers a comprehensive training program at its state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, California. The initial training course features hands-on embedded systems development using THREADX, the high-performance RTOS for deeply embedded applications.Our electronic classroom contains eight modern workstations and multimedia projection capabilities. Each attendee has individual access to a workstation that is loaded with THREADX and other software for embedded systems applications, so the class size is limited to eight.The training course is intensive; it combines a rich mixture of RTOS concepts and hands-on embedded systems projects that reinforce these concepts. The projects are presented in a spiral order of depth as increasingly complex embedded systems concepts are investigated and explored.Each attendee is provided with a detailed training workbook, documentation for the lab projects, a copy of the THREADX User Guide, a copy of the THREADX Programmer's Reference Guide, and a THREADX demonstration system.

THREADX Topics Covered

Day 1

  • RTOS and MultiTasking Fundamentals
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Thread Design
  • Mutual Exclusion with Mutexes
  • Memory Management
  • Using Timing Facilities
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Using Counting Semaphores for Event Notification
  • Synchronizing Threads with Event Flags Groups

Day 2

  • Inter-Thread Communication with Message Queues
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Priority Inversion
  • Preemption Threshold
  • Interrupts and I/O
  • Designing a Multi-Threaded System
  • 2 Lab Projects
  • Tips, Hints, and Traps

On-Site Courses

We can offer dedicated training courses at your site, or at any location of your choosing. The advantage of these courses is that we can customize them specifically for your development project. Contact us for more information.
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Training Benefits

Although THREADX is an easy-to-use RTOS, this training course provides an ideal way to accelerate the learning process and to obtain valuable experience in applying THREADX to the design and implementation of your embedded application.

As a result of taking this training course, attendees will acquire an in-depth knowledge of THREADX, and will attain a focused approach to embedded systems development. This will improve productivity and significantly reduce the time-to-market for your development project.

The hands-on component of the training course is designed to reinforce and explore THREADX and RTOS concepts. This approach encourages attendees to become active participants by engaging them in the learning process. It also enhances retention and understanding.

This training course will allow attendees to get up to speed quickly, and significantly enhance the prospects of success for your project. Training will also help you to optimize your investment in the premier RTOS for deeply embedded systems.


I thought THREADX was easy to use. Why do I need training?

THREADX is widely regarded as a fast, mature, and stable RTOS. We have carefully crafted THREADX to provide the engineer with a powerful, elegant, and simple RTOS for project development. Although using THREADX is intuitive and straightforward, our training course can help you achieve the most from your investment. We have used our extensive experience in embedded systems to design a training program tailored to your needs.

Training is too expensive and I can’t afford to take time off. Why can’t I learn the same concepts on my own?

Although it is possible that you can learn the same material on your own, it will probably take you much longer and you may miss many important features and techniques. Training will reduce the time required for you to optimize the features of THREADX, thus reducing the cost of your project. We have committed significant resources in preparing a first-rate training experience for you. Thus, the training course will provide you with focused development insight in a short period of time. If you cannot attend the training course, consider hosting an on-site course.

I’m convinced that training is essential – how do I convince my boss?

Tell him/her that time is money! As a result of this training course, you will get up to speed quickly, significantly enhance the prospects of success for your project, and substantially reduce the time-to-market for your project. Training will also help you to optimize your investment in the premier RTOS for deeply embedded systems.

Are the training sessions strictly lecture-based, or is there a hands-on component?

The training sessions consist of a pedagogically sound combination of lectures and hands-on embedded systems lab projects. The lab projects complement and reinforce the THREADX and RTOS concepts discussed in the lecture. A multimedia approach is used, and the material is presented in an engaging, fast-moving format.

What background should I have in order to take the THREADX training course?

You should have several years of C/C++ programming experience and some exposure to embedded systems development.

How difficult is it to travel to San Diego?

The San Diego International Airport is served by a total of 20 airlines, including all major US carriers. There are numerous non-stop flights to San Diego from most major US cities. The San Diego airport has one of the best on-time records in the US.

Are there any hotels located near the Express Logic training facility?

Express Logic is located in the Rancho Bernardo region of San Diego, about 25 miles north of the downtown area. There are five hotels within a five-mile radius from Express Logic, including one located just across the street.

What is the weather like in San Diego? Will I have to bring warm clothing?

San Diego is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US. The weather is temperate all year round, although winters are cooler than summers. Bring a light sweater.

My spouse would like to accompany me to San Diego – is there anything for him/her to do while I am attending the training sessions?

San Diego offers an abundance of attractions and recreational activities. Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and LegoLand are located here. Disneyland, the California Adventure, Universal Studios, and Knott’s Berry Farm are located about 70 - 90 miles from Express Logic. There are numerous shopping opportunities and cultural attractions as well.